Sam Lombardi

Mechanical Engineer


University Work

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude
Cumulative GPA: 3.66

Notable Courses:

Composite Materials
AME 462
Finite Element Analysis with ANSYS
AME 463
Human Factors & Ergonomics in Design
SIE 410A

Integrated Manufacturing Systems
SIE 383
Machine Shop
AME 313
Planar Multibody Dynamics
AME 452

Saguaro Finite Element Analysis

Using ANSYS I created a parameterized 3D FE model of a Saguaro using actual material properties from scientific literature.

Finding a balance between a numerically accurate model and a physically realistic model is something that was very difficult using APDL code. At the suggestion of the professor, the APDL coding language was used and in hindsight, model detail was compromised for the ability to be parametrizable per the assignment.

MATLAB Modeling and Analysis of a Child on a Swing

Using MATLAB I created a multibody model of a child on a swing for forward dynamic analyses.

The model was comprised of five bodies with six pin joints resulting in three degrees of freedom, one being the swing and the other two being the angles A and B controlling the child’s legs and arms. The child is to use a body-pump motion in order to swing higher and higher without being pushed. 

The body-pump motion comes intuitively to a child on a swing, but in terms of this program, it was codded carefully. This method works by changing the child’s overall mass center with respect to the swing and alters the child’s moment of inertia.

Leatherman Micra

This SolidWorks model was done for a final project and is represented in overview by the drawing.

I modeled an existing object, a Leatherman Micra multitool. I modeled every piece to accurate dimensions and combined them in a realistically moving assembly.

Other Lab Reports

A small sampling of the technical writing, analysis, and data visualization I did while at school: