Sam Lombardi

Mechanical Engineer


Scientific Art Studio

Located in the Bay Area, the Scientific Art Studio is a small team that designs, fabricates and installs exhibits, themed environments, immersive playgrounds, and has engineered icons around the world. What started as a unique summer internship, turned into a multi-summer paid position and eventual promotion with the Scientific Art Studio.

I learned firsthand practical skills in planning, designing, fabricating, communication and much more. I worked alongside lead creatives as they designed and interacted with clients on major projects the studio took on. I also was responsible for all studio rapid prototyping including 3D printing and CNC milling. The first two years I was there, I was mainly involved in the fabrication element. My third year, I got the opportunity to do design work.

Rapid Prototyping 

I programmed and operated this 3-axis CNC mill, along with SLA & FDM 3D printers.

This document was an instructional guide I wrote used internally at the Scientific Art Studio.

I worked independently and wrote in-depth technical manuals for these tools for use, proper care and troubleshooting for all members of the studio, saving time and increasing productivity.

Middle School Climbing Structure

One of the early proof of concept models I made for a local middle school's climbing structure. It was heavily based on and designed by another artist, then converted digitally by me.

Working with such a talented team was an honor. Every moment, someone was helping me and explaining something they were an expert on. Seeing the artist work, especially the Chief Creative Officer and head honcho, Ron, was incredible. I have a new-found respect for sculpting, drawing and painting.

The same way I was in awe of their artistic talent, they were appreciative of my engineering knowledge, often calling on me for advice and help. I always strived to be an integral, helpful, and hardworking member of the team, and was met with nothing but appreciation.

Oakland Zoo Play Structure Steel Frame

This model was used to design, plan, and fabricate the internal fame for a climbing structure for an Oakland Zoo expansion.

I worked with designers, fabricators, and structural engineers to determine the final design.

Working there was incredibly interesting and unique. The special thing about the Scientific Art Studio was that I did a huge amount of engineering on intensely creative projects. Each project had a significant element of engineering disciplines such as material science and mechanical engineering. Each component of each project called for a different tool or software, a unique method, and creative problem solving.