Sam Lombardi

Mechanical Engineer


Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool is the largest supplier by volume of cordless powertools in North America. I work in the Hand Tools buissness unit, focusing primarilly in saftey products and PPE.

As a Concept Engineer, I work on the leading edge of new product innovation, anything from 5 months - 5 years out. I help uncover unmet user needs, participating in local and regional field research and the user centered design process.

As a part of the front-end innovation team, I help ideate creative ways to solve the insights from the field, and act as the technical expert in the creation and execution of the ideas into concepts. This typically takes the form of developing rapid prototypes ranging from low fidelity to looks-like/works-like.

I can not show or talk about any of the unrealeased, not-public product.

While not everything we work on makes it to production - by design - I am fortunate enough to have multiple utility patents and and a few released products.

Above are two products that I have help on considerable.

Product design, human-centered design, and design thinking all intrest me greatly and this is some of the most fun, challenging, & rewarding work I have ever done.