Sam Lombardi

Mechanical Engineer


About me

I am looking for an exciting hands-on career with a large positive impact, and find self-actualization in good engineering design, implementation, and pushing the envelope. product design, human centered design, and design thinking interest me greatly.

I grew up in Berkeley, California with my 2 younger brothers, Mom, Dad, and dog. After my passions for math and science took off in high school and I became interested in engineering, I chose to pursue that at the University of Arizona where I graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2019. Through my time at the U of A, I had the opportunity to focus my passions and continue to learn with the help of clubs, internships, research, professors, and my peers.

I then spent time as a Design Engineering at ACCO Engineered Systems, where I helped design HVAC & plumbing systems for buildings around the Bay Area.

I am currently working as a Concept Engineer at Milwaukee Tool, where I work on the leading edge of new product innovation. I work to uncover unmet user needs, ideate creative ways to solve them, and act as the technical expert in the creation and execution of the ideas into concepts.

I view engineering, crucially, as a balance between technical knowledge and creative thinking. Alongside engineering, I love movies. The science and technical side of things like film editing and special effects have always interested me.

I always want to be learning and love to be creative.